Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The theory behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that our energy, called qi, travels around the body in meridians or channels. When the flow of qi is imbalanced, then illness ensues. Acupuncture, an independent system of medicine, is also a component of TCM. Fine needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points, in different parts of the body, to correct the flow of qi.

There are 100’s of conditions, recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), where acupuncture can be used. Examples include Migraine / Headaches, Digestive Issues, PMT, Insomnia & Anxiety.

A full list of conditions, where acupuncture is deemed  an effective form of treatment by the WHO, can be found on the Acupuncture Council of Ireland website. Alternatively, please feel free to call me to discuss if acupuncture is the treatment best suited to you.

Acupuncture treats the root cause of illness but can also improve well-being and prevent disease. A person does not need to be ill or in pain to have acupuncture. It can be used for relaxation, to boost energy levels and to maintain good health.

Your Appointment

A detailed consultation precedes each treatment. I create a unique and specific treatment plan for you. On your first visit, the consultation can take 15-20 mins and will include a tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Other TCM Techniques

Depending on your condition, treatment may also include other TCM techniques such as Cupping, Tuina or Moxibustion.

Cupping Therapy is a gentle technique using vacuum suction, with the cup being placed directly onto the skin, encouraging the flow of qi and blood, which aids the healing process.

Tuina is a hands-on massage technique that uses energy meridians and acupuncture points. A stand-alone system of medicine, Tuina is often used in conjunction with acupuncture to achieve a specific result.

Moxibustion involves the burning of specific herbs called moxa, which adds heat to the body. This helps to treat damp and cold conditions and can boost a weakened area.


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Tuesday: 10am–1pm, 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 10am–1pm, 5pm-9pm
Thursday : 10am–1pm, 5pm-9pm
Friday : 9am–1pm, 2pm-4pm


Recognised by health insurance companies for acupuncture reimbursement
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Acupuncture Council of Ireland

Price:  €50 per session

Please allow 1hr 15min for your first visit and 1hr for subsequent treatments.