Jane Carroll Therapies Newsletter

Spring is here and the evenings are getting longer. Hopefully sunny days are not too far away. Unfortunately for many people that means hayfever, allergies and summer colds. Now is the perfect time of year to give the body a boost after the winter, to prevent those nasty pests getting to you. Text or phone 086 8140087 to avail of this offer, available until End April.

Hope & Dream 10K, 7th april 2019

Almost 2 years post a cancer diagnosis, I’ve decided the body is strong enough to run 10Km. (ok maybe slowly jog is a better description). Instead of asking for sponsorship, I have decided that for the month of March, for every client I treat, I will donate €2 to this worthy cause.

A Little Bit of Advice

by Fabrizio Marini www.fabnutrition.ie

Foods to consider for those who suffer from hayfever
Start introducing more low histamine foods into your diet.

These would include fresh meat and fish, grains such as rice, corn, millet, oats, fresh fruit except strawberry, pineapple & citrus, fresh vegetables except tomatoes, spinach, aubergine and cabbage.

Natural supplements that can help around a time of attack would include high dose Vitamin C and also quercetin both of which are considered natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory also.

Avoid prepared meals, processed foods esp. meat & fish, aged cheeses, canned, pickled, and fermented foods, legumes, yogurt, salty snack foods, sweets with preservatives, chocolate and cocoa, green tea, peanuts, bananas, cherries, chili powder, cinnamon and cloves & alcohol.