Period Pain/Acupuncture (full)

I have suffered quite badly with period pains, on and off for the past number of years. During a treatment for a sports injury, I mentioned this to Jane who suggested trying some acupuncture. I didn’t really think it would make a difference (and I don’t really love needles either!) but as I trust Jane and her instincts, I agreed.

Jane did 6 one hour treatments, and those hours were actually a treat for me – a chance to relax and listen to gentle music and switch off from the world for a few minutes. After 1 month, the difference was noticeable, the following month there was further improvement and again the month after that. I am no longer reliant on strong painkillers, hot water bottles and do not have to go to bed for hours at a time.  I am actually able to function normally now during that “wonderful” time of the month and this is a new experience for me.

It’s been a few months since I finished the treatments and all is still good. If things start to go “funny” again, I will have no hesitation to seek Jane’s help.  I love that she actually listens to what I am saying – even if my symptoms sound completely off the wall, and she is so willing to answer any question I have in relation to the treatment, and explains those answers in an honest, clear and down to earth manner that I understand and very much appreciate.