Most of us pick up some sort of colds or flu over the winter months. Why is this? The obvious reasons are the cold damp weather but there are many other reasons. Maybe we eat less fresh fruit and vegetables and take less exercise in the winter months.

I personally think that one of the main reasons is that it’s the time of year that we push our bodies too far. Think back to our parents or maybe grandparents, before electricity. Working days during the winter were a lot shorter, it was the time of year for our bodies to rest and recuperate. Nowadays, no matter what the season, most of us are under time constraints and stress, with not enough rest and sleep, while feeding our bodies inadequate food.

Now, in an ideal world it would be lovely to say, right, I’m going to go home from work when it gets dark, spend time sourcing local organic produce and cooking healthy hearty meals every evening, turning off the tv, reading a book and getting at least 8hrs sleep every night. Aah, we can but dream.

Hence, the reason for my Winter Boost Offer. This is a course of 3 acupuncture treatments, designed specifically to boost your immune system, encourage better sleep and help your body get the most out of the food you are eating. In conjunction with the treatments you will get a 1month supply of a high dose multivitamin/multimineral suppliment, because let’s face it, none of our diets are perfect!!!


Book your appointment by text or phone 086 8140087 or email , quoting Winter Boost.

Terms & Conditions:

Acupuncture Treatments only valid for Winter boost and not any other condition.

The 3 treatments must be taken by the same person

Payment to be made on date of first appointment. Cash, cheque or credit card excepted.

Offer ends 6th Oct.