Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has been used for many years, in different cultures, to treat a range of conditions and is still used in many hospitals around the world.

Here in the clinic, herbs can be prescribed for many different complaints. The herbal formula is always made specifically for each individual person, following a detailed consultation.

The herbs can be taken as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with acupuncture. They usually can be taken alongside Western Medication but I will need a list of medications being taken.

How to take:
Herbs come in granule form and will be dispensed in a sealed bag. Dosage may vary but usually 1tsp dissolved in hot water, taken twice per day.



Consultation: €30.00 (approx. 30mins)
Ideally in person but can be done on zoom if unable to travel

Herbs:  €50.00
100g (approx. 3 week supply but dose may vary) 



Standardisation and laboratory testing of these herbs is a fundamental part of ensuring a high-quality product. I have chosen to stock Phoenix Medical Herbs due to their unprecedented commitment to quality, safety and research as they set the standard of granulated Chinese pharmacopoeia and are recognised worldwide.

They are:
• 100% authentic DaoDi herbs (Grown traditionally and harvested at the right time)
• Zero use of adulterants such as sulphur, pesticides or herbicides
• Spray Dry Granulation method – Concentration is 2-3 times higher than other brands on the market, therefore you can use less and achieve better clinical results
• They only use maltodextrin as a food-safe binder (certified gluten-free) – a long-chain polysaccharide (sugar) at only 5-10% of the final product. This minimal amount will not affect blood sugar
• Certificates of Analysis available for reference – each batch is screened for heavy metals, pesticides, microbiology and the level of the active ingredient
• Exclusively manufactured to comply with strict European standards
• Suitable for vegans – excluding those herbs processed with honey


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Wednesday: 10am–1pm, 5pm-9pm
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Friday : 9am–10am, 2pm-4pm


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