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Tuesday: 10am–1pm, 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 10am–1pm, 5pm-9pm
Thursday : 10am–1pm, 5pm-9pm
Friday : 9am–1pm, 2pm-4pm


Recognised by health insurance companies for acupuncture reimbursement

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Acupuncture Council of Ireland


Acupuncture treats the root cause of illness but can also improve well-being and prevent disease. A person does not need to be ill or in pain to have acupuncture. It can be used for relaxation, to boost energy levels and to maintain good health. Find out more>>


Traditional Chinese Medicine

The theory behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that our energy, called qi, travels around the body in meridians or channels. When the flow of qi is imbalanced, illness follows. TCM techniques help restore balance in your system. Find out more>>


Holistic Therapies

Massage therapy can be used to treat tight sore muscles, to prevent injuries or as a relaxation treatment. Each treatment is tailored to suit the individual requirements from relaxing aromatherapy to deep tissue massage and reflexology. Find out more>>


What Clients Say

Jane was recommended to me by a friend for fertility issues. After failed ivf I was feeling low and didn’t know what to do next. What harm could acupuncture do!! The very first time I met Jane I was completely at ease with her bubbly personality and knowledge of acupuncture. She helped me look forward Continue Reading

Linda September 25, 2020

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