De- Stress Fridays

Time to get out of the January hibernation and start looking after your health.

De-stress Fridays are back for Feb, Mar and April

Enjoy an acupuncture treatment with gentle breathing techniques followed by refreshments and home baked goodies all for only €20pp. Appointment times are 6.30pm, 7.00pm & 7.30pm. Booking essential

A Little Bit of Advice

by Fabrizio Marini

Vitamin D are we getting enough?

With those long dark evenings, it is a fair assumption that we are not getting enough vitamin D, sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, as we produce most of our daily needs in the summer months whilst out and about.  15 mins exposure without sun block during sunny times is enough for your daily dose. However fast forward this time of the year and we just do not get adequate amounts, sure, some of our foods are fortified with it but it is still not enough.

What is vitamin D important for, well it has been proven to help with immunity. There are many studies on this, increased vitamin D levels have been shown to fight off disease.  Vitamin D is important for our bones, has been shown to reduce depression and has also been shown to boost weight loss.  Before you go rushing out to buy a supplement it is very important to get your levels checked, this can be done through your doctor, once checked you can supplement from 400iu up to 3000iu’s a day depending on your needs and the result of the blood test. I always try maintain my levels at the upper reference range of the doctors blood test, it means that my levels are optimal.