Ear Acupuncture

For many people this is quite a stressful time, with lots of uncertainty and worry about Covid-19. As an acupuncturist, I have many skills that can help calm the mind and body to help us cope with life’s challenges.

I have chosen 2 ear acupuncture points that you can use at home to help with stress, anxiety, difficulty sleeping and to help calm the body. These points are usually needled here in clinic or stimulated using ear seeds but at home you can just use your finger to press the point.

Sitting at a table is ideal, so you can rest your arms. Locate one point on each ear. (Get some help to locate the points for the first few times) With your index finger, press and hold both points, for at least 1 min and ideally up to 5 mins. Focus on your breathing, nice deep breaths and allowing the body to relax. Can be repeated many times per day, if possible.

Location: 1) Shen Men

Location: 2) Point Zero